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LVT Flooring Production Line
LVT Flooring Production Line

LVT Flooring production line features:

  • High production capacity, with a daily output of 30-60 tons/24 hours. The linear speed reaches 6~10 m/min.
  • Machine with balance layer lamination equipment. Laminating the balance layer on the LVT bottom layer to solve the problem of LVT floor warping.
  • The LVT flooring from this production linemeet the European TUV certification.
  • Kingshine patent online EIR system is optional to use in this line. With on line EIR system can make high-end EIR LVT floor products.
  • The equipment adopts international topbrand configuration: ABB frequency converter, Siemens motor, Siemens PLC, original Schneider Electric, servo cutter, etc. It is high accuracy and automation.

lvt flooring line

Advantages of LVT Floor

  • 1. Green environmental protection

    PVC flooring is mainly produced from PVC, PVC is environmentally friendly and non-toxic renewable resources.

  • 2. Super strong wear resistance

    The PVC floor has a special PVC wear-resisting layer on the surface, and its wear resistance can reach 300000 revolutions. It can be used for 5-10 years under normal conditions according to the different wear-resistant thickness.

  • 3. High elasticity and super strong impact resistance.

    The PVC floor is soft in texture and has good elasticity. It has good elasticity recovery under the impact of heavy objects.

  • 4. Fire retardant

    Qualified PVC floor fire resistance index can reach B1, B1 that is, fire performance is very good, second only to stone. Fire is extinguished.

  • 5. Easy maintenance

    PVC floor maintenance is very convenient. The floor is dirty and can be wiped with mop. If you want to maintain the lasting brightness of the floor, only need to regularly wax maintenance can be, its maintenance times are far lower than the laminated floor.

  • 6. Waterproof and moisture proof

    PVC flooring is mainly composed of vinyl resin, and water has no affinity, so it is naturally not afraid of water, as long as not long-term immersion will not be damaged; and not because of high humidity and mildew.

Kingshine Plastic Machine Co,.Ltd. is a professional LVT Flooring Production Line manufacturer in China. LVT flooring extrusion line have high yield and low consumption, easy to operate.

LVT Flooring Production Line-kingshine LVT Flooring Production Line-kingshine


  • Mixer
  • Extrusion Line
  • UV Coating
  • Puncher
  • Packaging

Technical parameter

Model 110/220 130/260
Thickness (mm) 1~3 1~3
Width(mm) 1050/1350 1050/1350
Power(kw) 200 280
Capacity(kg/h) 30-40 Ton/24hrs 60 Ton/24hrs
Kingshine Extrusion Line Detailed Advantages

Extrusion Line

  • More

    Siemens Motor

    Siemens Motor

    Siemens Motor: better quality, large capacity, stable running


  • More

    Vertical Gear Box

    Vertical Gear Box

    German design, more durable; only once power transfer, higher accuracy; imported axle bear NSK from Japan; better alignment with screw


  • More

    Electric Control System

    Electric Control System

    Use French Schneider electric control system and Schneider inverter


  • More

    Siemens PLC

    Siemens PLC

    operate machine more convenient without botton; connect the machine with WIFI, can check the machine condition on phone or computer


Kingshine Extrusion Line Detail display

Extrusion Line

  • Siemens Motor
    better quality, large capacity, stable runnin
  • Vertical gear box
    German design, more durable; only once power transfer, higher accuracy; imported axle bear NSK from Japan; better alignment with screw
  • control system
    Use French Schneider electric control system; Switzerland ABB inverter
  • Siemens PLC
    operate machine more convenient without button; connect the machine with WIFI, can check the machine condition on phone or computer


Four Roller Calender System

LVT flooring production line use horizontal 4 roller calander system, and this is a special design. Contrast to the normal vertical 4 roller type, the 4-roll not only greatly improves the production efficiency, but also enables the color film and wear-resistant layer to be more closely bonded to the sheet and increase their peeling strength.
The roller is heated by oil, so the color film and wear layer is bonded to the sheet by hot press without glue.
The first two roller is to control the sheet thickness, increasing sheet’s ductibility and plasticization.
The third roller is laminating roller, our roller have a bigger design, and its diameter is 450mm. Contrast to other 400mm normal one, our bigger size laminating roller can increase the bonding area between the color film and the wear-resistant layer and the sheet, so that they can be more closely adhered together, and increase their peel strength.
The last roller is embossing roller, and the design can be changed easily.


  • Water Cooling Pool

    To cool down the LVT sheet soon and make the sheet have a better performance

  • Dryer Roller and Air Dryer

    To dry the LVT sheet soon by two dryer roller and two air dryer

  • Traction/Haul off

    There are two tractors equipped with four rubber rollers to increase traction stability

  • Cutter

    To cut the floor to big piece firstly




Year of Experience

Our Company

Kingshine is one of the most professional plastic machinery manufacturing enterprises in China. The main production is PVC extrusion machinery:
  • SPC/LVT Flooring Production Line
  • PVC/WPC Door Board/Frame Production Line
  • PVC/WPC Foam Board Production Line
  • PVC Laminating/Marble Sheet Production Line
  • Mixer/Crusher/Miller
Kingshine pays attention to technological innovation, actively introduce advanced foreign technology, and constantly develop new products.
Our Service

Pre-sale service

To provide information, market research and forecasting, provide consultancy, offers a variety of convenience and market service and so on.
Pre-sale service's main purpose is to assist the clients prepare the project planning and system requirements analysis, enable our products to maximize meet customer needs, but also to maximize customer investment play the comprehensive economic benefits.

After-sale service

1 Installation overseas
2 Provide all kinds of product formula, technology and chemical material manufacturer information
3 According to the customer's requirements, provide technical guidance
4 Technical training for employees of customers
5 Responsible for maintenance service, door to door service if necessary.

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